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20 Swifts Apodidae
American Black Swift Cypseloides niger
Dominica    23.07.1990     Birds   60c
Dominica    30.04.1993     Birds Sheet   90c
Montserrat    28.03.2016     Birds of Montserrat Sheet   3.25$
White-collared Swift Streptoprocne zonaris
Grenadines (G)    10.09.1990     Birds   1$
Christmas Island Swiftlet Collocalia natalis
Christmas Island    14.06.1982     Birds definitives   3c
Seychelles Swiftlet Aerodramus elaphrus
Seychelles    27.02.1979     Birds   2r
Seychelles    26.10.1979     Fauna 20r booklet   2r
Seychelles    29.02.1980     Birds 20r booklet   2r
Mascarene Swiftlet Aerodramus francicus
Mauritius    01.09.1967     Self-government   1r
White-rumped Swiftlet Aerodramus spodiopygius
New Caledonia    25.09.2012     One tree, one day, one life   75f
Palau Swiftlet Aerodramus pelewensis
Palau    16.08.1994     PHILAKOREA 94 Sheet   50c
Palau    24.03.1995     Birds   50c
Palau    13.10.2004     Birds of Palau Sheet   80c
Palau    01.03.2007     Endemic birds Sheet   50c
Island Swiftlet Aerodramus inquietus
Micronesia    18.11.1991     Pohnpei rain forest 18v sheet   29c
Atiu Swiftlet Aerodramus sawtelli
Cook Islands    15.11.1977     Nature conservation day   1$
Cook Islands    13.06.2005     WWF   1.95$
Cook Islands    20.03.2007     Wildlife   80c
Cook Islands    10.12.2007     Birds   15$
Cook Islands    05.08.2015     Self government, stamp on stamp 15v sheet   30c
Black-nest Swiftlet Aerodramus maximus
Malaysia    22.08.2019     Caves in Malaysia 3v set   60s
Germain's Swiftlet Aerodramus germani
Vietnam    06.08.1994     Philakorea 1994   10000d
Sao Tome Spinetail Zoonavena thomensis
Sao Tome and Principe    30.12.1983     Birds   30d
Sao Tome and Principe    31.12.2007     Birds Sheet   15000d
Mottled Spinetail Telacanthura ussheri
Guinea-Bissau    26.10.2015     Swifts Sheet   750f
African Palm Swift Cypsiurus parvus
Ghana    14.10.1991     The birds of Ghana Sheet   80c
Sierra Leone    04.06.1990     Birds   250l
Uganda    06.12.1999     Birds of Uganda Sheet   600s
Alpine Swift Tachymarptis melba
Centralafrica    10.03.1999     Birds of Africa   500f
Congo (Kinshasa)    16.08.2000     Birds of Congo Sheet   9f
Gambia    16.07.2001     Animals of Africa 6v sheet   8d
Guinea-Bissau    26.10.2015     Swifts Sheet     750f
Italy    24.04.1984     Nature protection 4v set   450l
Lesotho    10.02.1992     Birds Sheet   30s
Mozambique    17.06.2002     Birds of Africa   5000m
Common Swift Apus apus
Alderney    01.05.2015     Flora and fauna 6v set   *
Alderney    01.05.2015     Flora and fauna 6v sheet   *
Ascension    15.06.1998     Migratory birds   40p
Belarus    22.03.2012     Bird of the year Birdlife   P
Belgium    29.01.2007     Birds   0.70€
Caribbean Netherlands    29.01.2021     Birds (Saba) 2021 Sheet   99c
Finland    04.12.1952     Tuberculosis relief fund   25m
Gibraltar    22.09.1982     Anniversaries 3v set   15½p
Gibraltar    21.06.2003     UK express definitive   *
Great Britain    07.04.2022     Migratory birds   1st
Guinea-Bissau    26.10.2015     Swifts Sheet   750f
Jersey    16.06.2011     Summer visiting birds   86p
Jersey    16.06.2011     Summer visiting birds Sheet   86p
Jersey    16.06.2011     Summer visiting birds Sheet   86p
Latvia    08.07.2022     Birds   1.20€
Luxembourg    26.08.2022     Birdpex 9 Sheet   0.80€
Maldive Islands    08.04.2002     Birds of the Maldives Sheet   7r
Maldive Islands    08.02.2007     Birds Sheet   10r
Sweden    25.08.1988     Common Swift   20k
Sweden    14.01.2021     Valuable nature 2x5v booklet, sa   Brev
Pallid Swift Apus pallidus
Gibraltar    20.10.2010     Bird definitives   2£
Guinea-Bissau    26.10.2015     Swifts Sheet   750f
Little Swift Apus affinis
Guinea-Bissau    26.10.2015     Swifts Sheet   750f
Tanzania    19.07.2004     Birds Sheet   550s