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I shall remove the 3 issues of Lotus from Canada 2018. The drawing of the bird on the stamps is very vague, and the bird is almost invisible.


In Moldova Europa 1999 I had listed one stamp with birds. But there are more - see Chris Gibbins. These stamps have now been added.


Uganda 1995.05 Christmas shall be deleted. There is no bird on the stamp.


There is not a bird in the 30c stamp in Niue 1983.01 Raphael.
The birds in Sierra Leone 03.07.1989 Japanese art are outside the stamp.


Silver stamps have been added to Chad 2003.10-11 Eagle.


I do not collect or list stamps from these Stamperija countries (since late 2016):
Centralafrica, Chad, Djibouti, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Maldives, Mozambique, Niger, Sao Tome, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Togo.
Stamperija has legal contracts with these countries, but the number of stamps produced are too large. This is my personal opinion, and other stamp collectors and lovers should follow their own opinion.


Listing and publishing new stamps from Stamperija countries has come to an end on this website.


The Guinea 2016.12 Extinct animals with a Great Auk has a second, living bird, Razorbill (Alca torda).


Togo year 2014 has been updated with stamps added to the Grey Parrot and African Penguin issues.


There are three versions of Niuafo'ou Barn Owl 2012: A set with stamps with frame. A set with stamps with no frame. A sheet with stamps with frame on two sides.


There are two macaw spesies on the stamp in Sierra Leone 2015.22 with inscription Ara macao. The macaw to the left is Red-and-green Macaw Ara chloropterus and the macaw to the right is Scarlet Macaw Ara macao.


I have added Spotted Owl Strix occidentalis to Guinea-Bissau 2014.13


I have added an MS from Yemen Republic 1995


Mozambique has in 2012 issued several stamps with images of extinct bird species. The IOC World Bird List incorporates species that have become extinct since the early 1500′s. They are listed in their respective families. The species has to be known from physical evidence. Species known solely from literary sources are excluded. These species on the Mozambique stamps are not in the IOC list, but they are known from literary sources, and they are presented on BirdLife International factsheets:
Reunion Gallinule Porphyrio coerulescens
Guadeloupe Amazon Amazona violacea
Jamaican Green-and-yellow Macaw Ara erythrocephala
I shall include them, with these names. On my Family page, they shall be found as Prehistoric, Extinct.


Athos is an autonomous and self-governed territory of Greece. Stamps from Athos are catalogued by Michel with numbers of their own as a subregion of Greece. The Athos stamps are also listed on the wnsstamps website and given WNS number (Agion Oros Athos) WNS There are birds on stamps issued by Athos. I shall list them on my new Athos page.


I have removed Japan 01.03.11 Kawazu Sakura. It is a reprint of the 2006.01 prefecture stamp. I can't see any change and interprete it to be like a stock increase. There are also several other reprints of prefecture stamps, some with birds.


The Japan 2010 Extinct pigeons stamps do not have a NIPPON inscription. They are locals and will be removed from my listings.


Important message about the scope of my listings


The names on the Grenada 1996.02 MS's are transposed. The 5$ is Semper's Warbler and the 6$ is the Yellow Warbler.


I have added 2 stamps to the Malaysia 1986.02 set. The 4 1986.01 stamps are also perforated p 12, not just the 2 top values as was listed by me. Source Scott and Michel.
Malawi 1975.02 has been corrected. The last stamp in the set is 2k White-faced Wistling Duck, not 1k Garganey. Source Scott and Michel.
Date change for Nevis 1998.04 03.12.1998 Endangered species. Corrected to 1998.02 31.03.1998 Endangered species. Source Scott and Michel.
Surinam 1977.02 and 1977.03 issue date has been corrected from 27.04.1977 to 26.05.1977. Source Michel.


Release date for the Gibraltar Darwin issue has been corrected to 12.11.2009.


2008.03, 2009.02 and some dates have been added to Singapore 2007-09 Flora and fauna. Source Michel online.


I have updated my Fiji page with several overprints on 1995 bird stamps. Here is a presentation of the overprints.


I have updated the 2003-4 additions to the United Arab Emirates 1990 definitives.


Re 09.06.07: Austria 2006 Pets is not a private issue. It has now been reentered on my Austria page.


An overlooked sheet of Costa Rica has been added. This is the sheet with the 4 stamps of 1995 America


Issue date has been corrected for Lithuania 2007.01 Birds in sanctuaries.


A 3l stamp in 1999.02 Honduras has been wrongly listed as Pharomacrus mocinno. It is in fact Crax rubra, as stated on the stamp. This has been corrected.
The Chinese Monal was not presented as new on stamp when China 2006.02 Birds definitives was included in my listings.


Face values corrected for Georgia, 11.07.07 Eagles.


I have removed Austria 2006 Pets. This is a privat issue - not issued by Austria PA.


Montenegro 2002 Protection of Pelicans 0.05€ has been removed. There is reason to believe this is not an official issue.


I have added some overlooked issues.
Centralafrica 25.01.91 Fauna protection.
There is a small Crowned-Crane in this set. Is it Grey or Black Crowned-Crane? The main differences are listed in the table.

Grey Crowned-Crane
Balearica regulorum
Black Crowned-Crane
Balearica pavonina
DistributionSouthern half of Africa south of the SaharaNorthern half of Africa south of the Sahara
NeckPale greyDarker grey, black
Red throat wattleLargeSmall
White cheek patchRed at topNo red at top
Djibouti 13.04.00 Wildlife.
Bhutan 05.08.69 Birds, Sheet, 3-D stamps.