229 Old World Sparrows, Snowfinches Passeridae
    Rock Sparrow
      Petronia petronia

    White-winged Snowfinch
      Montifringilla nivalis

    Cape Sparrow
      Passer melanurus

    Russet Sparrow
      Passer cinnamomeus

    Eurasian Tree Sparrow
      Passer montanus

    Spanish Sparrow
      Passer hispaniolensis

    Italian Sparrow
      Passer italiae

    House Sparrow
      Passer domesticus

    Iago Sparrow
      Passer iagoensis

    Desert Sparrow
      Passer simplex

    Sudan Golden Sparrow
      Passer luteus

230 Weavers, Widowbirds Ploceidae
231 Waxbills, Munias & Allies Estrildidae
232 Indigobirds, Whydahs Viduidae
234 Accentors Prunellidae
235 Wagtails, Pipits Motacillidae
236 Przevalski's Finch Urocynchramidae
237 Finches, Euphonias Fringillidae
238 Longspurs, Snow Buntings Calcariidae
239 Thrush-tanager Rhodinocichlidae
240 Buntings Emberizidae
241 New World Sparrows, Bush Tanagers Passerellidae
242 Chat-tanagers Calyptophilidae
243 Hispaniolan Tanagers Phaenicophilidae
245 Spindalises Spindalidae
247 Cuban Warblers Teretistridae
248 Yellow-breasted Chat Icteriidae
249 Oropendolas, Orioles, Blackbirds Icteridae
250 New World Warblers Parulidae
251 Mitrospingid Tanagers Mitrospingidae
252 Cardinals & Allies Cardinalidae
253 Tanagers and allies Thraupidae

Stamps showing Italian Sparrow Passer italiae
Italian Sparrow Passer italiae Italian Sparrow Passer italiae

Italian Sparrow IOC v14.1: 9700 birdtheme SpecID 3876
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