222 Leafbirds Chloropseidae
    Lesser Green Leafbird
      Chloropsis cyanopogon

    Blue-winged Leafbird
      Chloropsis cochinchinensis

    Golden-fronted Leafbird
      Chloropsis aurifrons

    Orange-bellied Leafbird
      Chloropsis hardwickii

223 Flowerpeckers Dicaeidae
224 Sunbirds Nectariniidae
225 Old World Sparrows, Snowfinches Passeridae
226 Weavers, Widowbirds Ploceidae
227 Waxbills, Munias and allies Estrildidae
228 Indigobirds, Whydahs Viduidae
230 Accentors Prunellidae
231 Wagtails, Pipits Motacillidae
232 Przevalski's Finch Urocynchramidae
233 Finches & euphonias Fringillidae
234 New World Warblers Parulidae
235 Microlegia, Teretristris, Zeledonia, icteria, Xenoligea Incertae Sedis 2
236 Oropendolas, Orioles and Blackbirds Icteridae
237 Bananaquit Coerebidae
238 Buntings, New World Sparrows and allies Emberizidae
239 Tanagers and allies Thraupidae
240 Longspurs, Snow buntings Calcariidae
241 Cardinals, Grosbeaks and allies Cardinalidae

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