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Create new styles or edit styles
If you save a new style, remember to give it a new name Polygon style
<Style id =
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  <PolyStyle> <color> 660000FF (fill color)
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      <fill> <outline>

Polyline style
<Style id =
  <LineStyle> <color> 660000FF <width>
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Style 1
Aral Sea:
Black Sea:
Caspian Sea:
Great Bear Lake:
Great Slave Lake:
Lake Baykal:
Lake Erie:
Lake Huron:
Lake Managua:
Lake Michigan:
Lake Nicaragua:
Lake Ontario:
Lake Superior:
Lake Victoria:
Lake Winnipeg:

Build Google maps polylines and polygons from templates

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Click on a button to the right to find a template to be placed on the map. 'Stretches' are coastlines including more than one country. Only one stretch may be chosen. Single country coastlines may be combined.


Click the Show button to see the templates available.

This application provides templates (polylines/paths) for country coastlines, islands and lakes for google maps. Coordinates for almost all coastlines of the world are available.

If a coastline is part of a polyline or polygon you want to create, choose a template from the long list provided here. Click on the map to add your own points. All points may be edited. Points can be removed with a click while editing. Style management is available with the 'Style options' button. Polygon colour, line colour, line thicknes, opacity may be changed.

The text you need to create a KML file is presented in the text area.

Some of the available islands are Aland, Azores, Bali, Borneo, Canary Islands, China's Hainan, the islands of Denmark, Corsica, Cuba, Cyprus, Falkland, Faroe, Great Britain/United Kingdom, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Japan, Java, Madagascar, Madeira, New Guinea, New Zealand, Philippines' islands (Balabac, Balut, Basilan, Bilirian, Bohol, Bucas, Bulan, Burias, Busuanga, Calamian, Camiguin, Catanduanes, Cebu, Culion, Dinagat, Dumaran, Guimaras, Jolo, Leyte, Lubang, Luzon, Marinduque, Masbate, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, Palawan, Panaon, Panay, Patnanungan, Polillo, Samar, Sarangani, Siargao, Siquijor, Suluarch, Tablas, Tarawakan, Tawitawi), Russia's Sakhalin, Sardinia, Solomon, Sri Lanka, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Sweden's Gotland, Taiwan, Tasmania, Trinidad.

Some of the available lakes are Aral Sea, Baykal, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Great Bear Lake, Great Lakes (Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, Superior), Great Slave Lake, Ladoga, Lake Winnipeg, Managua, Nicaragua, Onega, Titicaca, Vanern, Victoria

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