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A bird species is not always and forever a bird species. Scientists gather new information - and now and then one species becomes two species or two species are lumped to become one species. Scientists disagree on lumpings and splittings. As a result, lists of bird species may consist of from 9200 to 10100 species of birds in the world. Another consequence of new information is that the zoological, latin, name of a bird changes when the bird is considered to belong to another genus than before. Another exciting thing, not so much of consequence for birds on stamps, is the discovery of birds new to science.

This website uses the IOC world bird list.

IOC world bird list

The IOC list is the work of Frank Gill and Minturn Wright on behalf of the International Ornithological Congress (IOC). The list is presented on a website and is an update to the book "BIRDS OF THE WORLD Recommended English Names" by Frank Gill and Minturn Wright. The list is updated quarterly to reflect taxonomic progress and favored English names.