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195 Bushtits Aegithalidae
White-browed Tit-warbler Leptopoecile sophiae
Bhutan    28.07.1998     Birds Sheet   7n
Kyrgyzstan    17.12.2020     Bird of the year, Birdlife   150s
Russia (USSR)    20.08.1981     Song birds   6k
Tajikistan    15.12.2018     Nature reserve 2x4v sheet   5s
Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus
Albania    15.11.1968     Birds   50q
Caribbean Netherlands    02.04.2022     Birds (Saba) 2022 Sheet   99c
Cuba    19.05.2010     Jose Marti 12v set   15c
Czech Republic    09.09.2020     Songbirds   E
Gambia    20.05.1997     Hiroshige 6v sheet   4d
Great Britain    16.05.1963     National nature week 2v set   4�d
Guernsey    17.02.2021     Bird definitives   4p
Hungary    16.04.1966     Protection of birds   30fi
Isle of Man    28.09.2011     Winter birds p 13�   2�
Isle of Man    19.09.2019     Town and country birds   1st
Japan    08.11.2017     Gifts from the forest 10v sheet, sa   62y
Japan    16.11.2020     Animals 10v sheet, sa   63y
Jersey    01.04.2010     Woodland birds   61p
Jersey    01.04.2010     Woodland birds Sheet   61p
Jersey    01.04.2010     Woodland birds Sheet   61p
Latvia    08.06.2018     Birds   1.41�
Mongolia    01.02.2003     Birds and mushrooms   800t
Poland    15.12.1995     Birds   45g
Rumania    20.06.1959     Birds   1.55l
Sweden    22.03.2001     Birds   7k