The links 'Countrysorted', 'Speciessorted', 'One each species', 'Largest families', 'Compare stamps' and 'Compare with photos' are explained on this page. ('Regionsorted' will be added when more stamps are scanned.)

This image oriented section of my site will be more useful when more stamps are scanned. Only single stamp scanned images are presented in this section. About 14500 stamps are scanned by now. My collection comprises about 22600 stamps.

There are about 25000 bird stamps in my listings, showing about 3400 bird species.


This is the 'Countrysorted' first page. Abu Dhabi, first country in the alphabet, is presented with thumbnail images of all scanned stamps, and a large image of the first stamp. Point at the next stamps, and they will replace the large image. Information is also given in the status bar and in text when you point at a stamp image. The list to the right is a list of species shown. Species numbers may be clicked on to show all stamps with that species.
A row of buttons is placed above the stamp images.
  • The 'Thumbs' button changes the view to thumbnail images, without the large image. A click on an image will launch a popupwindow with an enlargement. 'Thumbs view' has issue details for the stamps.
  • Some stamps are in an MS, a sheet or a booklet. A click on the 'MS's, sheets, booklets' button will bring up these if there are any.


The 'Speciessorted' begins with some text explaining how to find desired bird species to be presented. When a birdname is clicked on, all scanned stamps with that bird will be shown - with a large image of the first stamp.

One each species

From the list to the left on the screen, choose a family. The list opens presenting the names of each bird species in that family. One image, if available, of each of the species is shown.

Compare stamps

Any two stamps may be compared here - in large format side by side. A stamp you are looking at in 'Speciessorted' view or 'Countrysorted' view may be compared with all stamps of a species, one of each species of a family or all stamps of a country.

Compare with photos

When you look at stamps in 'Speciessorted' view or 'Countrysorted' view the link 'Compare with photos will be visible. You will be able to use the Googles image search function to compare a selected stamp with photos on the web.