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Bird stamps from Barbados

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Face value | Family number | English name | Scientific name
1979.01   07.08.1979   Birds      
Grassland Yellow Finch Sicalis luteola Grey Kingbird Tyrannus dominicensis Barbados Bullfinch Loxigilla barbadensis Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens Western Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis Green Heron Butorides virescens Antillean Crested Hummingbird Orthorhyncus cristatus Common Ground Dove Columbina passerina Carib Grackle Quiscalus lugubris Green-throated Carib Eulampis holosericeus Zenaida Dove Zenaida aurita Scaly-naped Pigeon Patagioenas squamosa Bananaquit Coereba flaveola Caribbean Elaenia Elaenia martinica American Redstart Setophaga ruticilla Belted Kingfisher Megaceryle alcyon Common Gallinule Gallinula galeata
1c     253     Grassland Yellow Finch    Sicalis luteola     
2c     122     Grey Kingbird    Tyrannus dominicensis     
5c     253     Barbados Bullfinch    Loxigilla barbadensis     
8c     65     Magnificent Frigatebird    Fregata magnificens     
10c     70     Western Cattle Egret    Bubulcus ibis     
12c     70     Green Heron    Butorides virescens     
20c     21     Antillean Crested Hummingbird    Orthorhyncus cristatus     
25c     27     Common Ground Dove    Columbina passerina     
28c     249     Carib Grackle    Quiscalus lugubris     
35c     21     Green-throated Carib    Eulampis holosericeus     
45c     27     Zenaida Dove    Zenaida aurita     
50c     27     Scaly-naped Pigeon    Patagioenas squamosa     
70c     253     Bananaquit    Coereba flaveola     
1$     122     Caribbean Elaenia    Elaenia martinica     
2.50$     250     American Redstart    Setophaga ruticilla     
5$     90     Belted Kingfisher    Megaceryle alcyon     
10$     30     Common Gallinule    Gallinula galeata     

1981.01   01.09.1981   Birds      
American Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica
55c     43     American Golden Plover    Pluvialis dominica     

1982.01   01.02.1982   Surcharge on 1979.01      
Carib Grackle Quiscalus lugubris Zenaida Dove Zenaida aurita Bananaquit Coereba flaveola
15c     249     Carib Grackle    Quiscalus lugubris     
40c     27     Zenaida Dove    Zenaida aurita     
60c     253     Bananaquit    Coereba flaveola     

1982.02   01.03.1982   New face value      1979.01
Carib Grackle Quiscalus lugubris Scaly-naped Pigeon Patagioenas squamosa Bananaquit Coereba flaveola
15c     249     Carib Grackle    Quiscalus lugubris     
40c     27     Scaly-naped Pigeon    Patagioenas squamosa     
60c     253     Bananaquit    Coereba flaveola     

1984.01   24.10.1984   Christmas flowers   4v set   
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Archilochus colubris
1$     21     Ruby-throated Hummingbird    Archilochus colubris     

1985.01   06.08.1985   Audubon      
Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus Prairie Warbler Setophaga discolor Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias Mangrove Warbler Setophaga petechia
45c     104     Peregrine Falcon    Falco peregrinus     
65c     250     Prairie Warbler    Setophaga discolor     
75c     70     Great Blue Heron    Ardea herodias     
1$     250     Mangrove Warbler    Setophaga petechia     

1987.01   12.06.1987   Capex '87      
Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica Mangrove Warbler Setophaga petechia Audubon's Shearwater Puffinus lherminieri Black-whiskered Vireo Vireo altiloquus Scarlet Tanager Piranga olivacea
25c     188     Barn Swallow    Hirundo rustica     
50c     250     Mangrove Warbler    Setophaga petechia     
65c     63     Audubon's Shearwater    Puffinus lherminieri     
75c     160     Black-whiskered Vireo    Vireo altiloquus     
1$     252     Scarlet Tanager    Piranga olivacea     

1991.01   04.03.1991   WWF      
Mangrove Warbler Setophaga petechia Mangrove Warbler Setophaga petechia Mangrove Warbler Setophaga petechia Mangrove Warbler Setophaga petechia
10c     250     Mangrove Warbler    Setophaga petechia     
20c     250     Mangrove Warbler    Setophaga petechia     
45c     250     Mangrove Warbler    Setophaga petechia     
1$     250     Mangrove Warbler    Setophaga petechia     

1994.01   18.02.1994   Hong Kong '94      
Eurasian Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus Pacific Golden Plover Pluvialis fulva Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres Tricolored Heron Egretta tricolor
10c     49     Eurasian Whimbrel    Numenius phaeopus     
35c     43     Pacific Golden Plover    Pluvialis fulva     
70c     49     Ruddy Turnstone    Arenaria interpres     
3$     70     Tricolored Heron    Egretta tricolor     

1998.01   20.07.1998   The University of the West Indies   4v set   
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Archilochus colubris
1.40$     21     Ruby-throated Hummingbird    Archilochus colubris     

1999.01   27.04.1999   WWF      
Piping Plover Charadrius melodus Piping Plover Charadrius melodus Piping Plover Charadrius melodus Piping Plover Charadrius melodus
10c     43     Piping Plover    Charadrius melodus     
45c     43     Piping Plover    Charadrius melodus     
50c     43     Piping Plover    Charadrius melodus     
70c     43     Piping Plover    Charadrius melodus     

2000.01   22.05.2000   Definitives   14v set   
Indian Peafowl Pavo cristatus
3$     13     Indian Peafowl    Pavo cristatus     

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Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela
Population: 274,500
Climate: tropical; rainy season
Terrain: relatively flat; rises gently to central highland region

Birds: 214 species

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