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89 Ground Rollers Brachypteraciidae
Short-legged Ground Roller Brachypteracias leptosomus
Madagascar    12.02.1999     Birds Sheet   1350f
Scaly Ground Roller Geobiastes squamiger
Comoro Islands    14.12.2009     Indian Ocean birds and lighthouses Sheet   500f
Madagascar    23.12.1999     Scouts Sheet   1950f
Rumania    07.10.1991     Birds Sheet   2l
Pitta-like Ground Roller Atelornis pittoides
Madagascar    12.02.1999     Birds Sheet   1350f
Malagasy    12.08.1963     Malagasy birds and orchids 10v set   100f
Long-tailed Ground Roller Uratelornis chimaera
French Antarctic Territory    02.11.1955     Overprint TERRES AUSTRAL on Madagascar 1954.01   15f
French Antarctic Territory    03.11.2005     Stamp anniversary   0.90€
Gambia    18.02.2000     Endangered animals of Africa 6v sheet   7d
Madagascar    20.09.1954     Definitives   8f
Madagascar    20.09.1954     Definitives   15f
Malagasy    18.04.1988     Endangered species   1500f