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North Macedonia
Bird stamps from North Macedonia
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36   104  

Face value | Family number | English name | Scientific name

2019.01   02.05.2019   Europa      
    72d     36     Montagu's Harrier     Circus pygargus     
    72d     36     Western Marsh Harrier     Circus aeruginosus     

2019.02   02.05.2019   Europa   Sheet   
    50d     104     Lanner Falcon     Falco biarmicus     
    50d     104     Lesser Kestrel     Falco naumanni     
    50d     104     Red-footed Falcon     Falco vespertinus     
    50d     104     Peregrine Falcon     Falco peregrinus     

2019.03   02.05.2019   Europa      
    144d     36     Long-legged Buzzard     Buteo rufinus     MS