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The ochrocephala complex
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What then about the 3 Honduras stamps? Which taxa do they show? I'll begin with the easy one. The inscription on the stamp is Amazona auropalliata. But this bird can't be Amazona auropalliata auropalliata. The bird on this stamp has too much yellow on the head, and auropalliata do not have red at bend of wing.
The upper half of this bird is actually an exact copy of an illustration in Howell and Webb "A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America". The illustration shows Yellow-naped Parrot Amazona auropalliata caribaea. In Clements taxonomy this is the Yellow-headed Parrot Amazona oratrix caribaea.
The parrot on the stamp below is Yellow-naped Parrot Amazona auropalliata auropalliata - I believe. The only yellow is a yellow nape, the bill is dark, and there is no red at bend of wing. Pay no attention to the inscription on the stamp, as it is clearly wrong.
If you look at the enlarged image (click on stamp), you can see a yellow shine on top and front of the head - which should not be there if this is to be the auropalliata. The yellow shine is not so obvious if you look at the stamp through a magnifying glass. I believe Yellow-naped Parrot Amazona auropalliata auropalliata is the best fit.
The 3rd stamp is a difficult one. None of the ochrocephala complex parrot images I have seen bears resemblance to this one. I have no picture of an Amazon with a green forehead and a yellow crown. The inscription on the stamp is Amazona auropalliata caribea, which should be, allowing for the misspelling, Amazona oratrix caribaea in Clements taxonomy.
The dark bill, in conjunction with the extension of the yellow, and allowing for artistic freedom with the green forehead, makes me conclude on Yellow-headed Parrot Amazona oratrix parvipes for this one.

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