July 2016 update. From IOC 6.2 to IOC 6.3.
The IOC World Bird List 6.3 contains 10,814 species classified in 240 families and 2292 genera.

Number of families is reduced by one because diving petrels move from Pelecanoididae to Procellariidae.
Peruvian Diving Petrel Pelecanoides garnotii: Peru 2009.01
South Georgia Diving Petrel Pelecanoides georgicus: South Georgia & South Sandwich Is 1987.01, 1999.01, 2011.02
Coommon Diving Petrel Pelecanoides urinatrix: Falkland Is 1985.01, French Ant Ter 2001.01, 2004.01, 2009.01, Tristan 1977.01

Caribbean Coot Fulica caribaea is lumped with American Coot Fulica americana. In my listings Caribbean Coot shall remain a seperate species.

There are 4 new species on stamp in this IOC version.
Lesser Violetear Colibri cyanotus has been split from Mexican [Green] Violetear Colibri thalassinus
Antigua & Barbuda 2000.05, Costa Rica 1984.01
Red-backed Flameback Dinopium psarodes has been split from Black-rumped Flameback Dinopium benghalense
Sri Lanka 2003.01
Red-bellied Pitta has been split into 10 species. A description of the species is here
The pitta on Palau 2001.01 is now Philippine Pitta Erythropitta erythrogaster
The pitta on Papua New Guinea 1986.01 is now Papuan Pitta Erythropitta macklotii
The Red-breasted Pitta on Philippines 1979.01 is now Sulawesi Pitta Erythropitta celebensis

New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 6.3English name IOC 6.2
Stercorarius pomarinusPomarine JaegerPomarine Skua
Colibri thalassinusMexican VioletearGreen Violetear
Momotus coerulicepsBlue-capped MotmotBlue-crowned Motmot
Momotus lessoniiLesson's MotmotBlue-diademed Motmot
Erythropitta erythrogasterPhilippine PittaRed-bellied Pitta
Aitutaki 1982.01 1983.01, Antigua & Barbuda 1996.02, Barbuda 1998.02, BIOT 2007.02, Kiribati 1982.01 1990.01, Mayreau 2015.02, Micronesia 2014.03, Peru 1991.01, Rumania 1991.01, Sao Tome 2008.01
Aruba 2010.02, Centralafrica 2014.11-2, El Salvador 1998.01, Grenadines (St V) 1992.01, Guinea 2010.02, Uganda 2014.15, Union Is 2013.02
Guyana 1990.06, Liberia 1998.05 2003.02, Nicaragua 2000.01
Palau 2001.01
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 6.3Scientific name IOC 6.2
Snow GooseAnser caerulescensChen caerulescens
Australian White IbisThreskiornis moluccaThreskiornis moluccus
Purple GallinulePorphyrio martinicaPorphyrio martinicus
Red-capped ManakinCeratopipra mentalisDixiphia mentalis
Golden-headed ManakinCeratopipra erythrocephalaDixiphia erythrocephala
Canada 1986.01, Dominica 1995.02, Greenland 1990.01, Guinea-Bissau 2009.01, Japan 1946.01 1947.01 1952.01, Liberia 2000.02, Marshall Is 2010.01, Mexico 1994.03, Pakistan 2012.02, Russia (USSR) 1962.01, Togo 2014.25, UN NY 1993.02
Guinea 2000.01, Papua New Guinea 2001.01, Sierra Leone 2015.40, Solomon Is 2013.20-1 2014.24-5
Antigua & Barbuda 1988.01 1990.01 1995.05, Bahamas 2001.01, Barbuda 1976.01 1988.01 1991.02 1997.04, Bhutan 1999.04, Bolivia 2007.01, Brazil 2001.02, Centralafrica 2001.11, Colombia 1977.01 1993.02, Dominica 2001.04, El Salvador 1999.01, Grenada 1988.01 2000.05, Grenadines (G) 2013.03, Grenadines (St V) 1978.01 1979.01-2, Liberia 1999.05, Marshall Is 2008.01, Micronesia 2001.05, Paraguay 1969.01, St Vincent 1995.05, Surinam 1985.02-3 1987.03, Tristan da Cunha 1989.02, Turks & Caicos 1995.03
Antigua & Barbuda 2000.04, Belize 1977.01-2, Dominica 2007.02, Honduras 1999.01 2005.03, Liberia 1998.04, Mali 1995.02, Mexico 1996.01, Pakistan 1987.01
Surinam 2014.01

April 2016 update. From IOC 6.1 to IOC 6.2.
The IOC World Bird List 6.2 contains 10,791 species classified in 241 families and 2289 genera.

There are 3 new species on stamp in this IOC version.
Purple-capped Fruit Dove Ptilinopus ponapensis on Micronesia 1991.03.
Spotted Catbird Ailuroedus maculosus on Australia 1980.03.
Grey-brown White-eye Zosterops ponapensis on Micronesia 1991.03.

New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 6.2English name IOC 6.1
Ailuroedus melanotisBlack-eared CatbirdSpotted Catbird
Zosterops cinereusKosrae White-eyeGrey-brown White-eye
Marshall Islands 2012.02, Micronesia 1998.01.
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 6.2Scientific name IOC 6.1
Intermediate EgretArdea intermediaEgretta intermedia
Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerDryobates minorDendrocopos minor
Brown-fronted WoodpeckerDendrocoptes auricepsDendrocopos auriceps
Arabian WoodpeckerDendrocoptes doraeDendrocopos dorae
Middle Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocoptes mediusDendrocopos medius
Downy WoodpeckerDryobates pubescensPicoides pubescens
Hairy WoodpeckerLeuconotopicus villosusPicoides villosus
Red-cockaded WoodpeckerLeuconotopicus borealisPicoides borealis
Fire-bellied WoodpeckerChloropicus pyrrhogasterDendropicos pyrrhogaster
Okinawa WoodpeckerDendrocopos noguchiiSapheopipo noguchii
Laos 2001.01-2, Liberia 1994.01, Palau 2011.02, Tanzania 1993.03, Tokelau 1994.02-3, Upper Volta 1979.01
Andorra fr 1973.01, Belgium 1990.01, Bulgaria 1978.01, Denmark 2004.01, Finland 2001.01, Gambia 2000.08, Guinea-Bissau 2013.06, Jersey 2012.01-2, Mongolia 1987.01, Russia (USSR) 1979.01 1989.01, Sweden 1989.01
India 1968.01
Saudi Arabia 1992.01-2 1993.01 1994.01-2, Yemen (Arab Republic) 1965.01 1966.02
Bosnia Herzegovina (Rep Srpska) 2011.01-2, Bulgaria 1978.01, Hungary 1966.01, Rumania 1983.02
Cook Is 1985.01, Ghana 1985.02 1989.04
Bahamas 1991.01, Canada 1998.01
Cook Is 1985.02
Nigeria 2001.01, Sierra Leone 1992.04-5
Japan 1983.03, Malagasy 1975.01, Mongolia 1987.02, Ryukyu Is 1966.01

January 2016 update. From IOC 5.4 to IOC 6.1.
The IOC World Bird List 6.1 contains 10,769 species classified in 241 families and 2284 genera.

Dickcissel Spiza americana is moved to follow genus Saltator
I have updated two overlooked genus-changes:
Purple-crowned Lorikeet is now Parvipsitta porphyrocephala, not Glossopsitta porphyrocephala: Australia 2005.01-2 2005.06
Ryukyu Robin is now Larvivora komadori, not Erithacus komadori: Japan 1976.01 2013.03, Tanzania 1999.20
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 6.1English name IOC 5.4
Gavia immerCommon LoonGreat Northern Loon
Buteogallus coronatusChaco EagleCrowned Solitary Eagle
Amblyornis macgregoriaeMacGregor's BowerbirdMacgregor's Bowerbird
Cistothorus platensisGrass WrenSedge Wren
Atlapetes latinuchusYellow-breasted BrushfinchYellow-breasted Brush Finch
Atlapetes pallidicepsPale-headed BrushfinchPale-headed Brush Finch
Canada 1998.02 2012.01-3, Gambia 1985.02, Greenland 1967.01 1988.01, Iceland 1967.01, Mozambique 2013.05, USA 1982.01-2 2002.01 2002.04 2010.02
Argentina 2009.01, Brazil 2014.02, Maldive Is 1997.05, Mozambique 2012.07
Papua New Guinea 2010.01, Falkland Is, Ecuador 2000.01 2015.01
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 6.1Scientific name IOC 5.4
Mascarene ParrotMascarinus mascarinusMascarinus mascarin
Centralafrica 2014.18, Guinea-Bissau 2012.17, Mozambique 2012.01 2012.10

October 2015 update. From IOC 5.3 to IOC 5.4.
The IOC World Bird List 5.4 contains 10,756 (10,763?) species classified in 241 families and 2282 genera.

Hume's Owl Strix butleri on stamps changes English and scientific name to Desert Owl Strix hadorami. The reason for this is that Hume's Owl is split - the southern populations keep the scientific name Strix butleri with new English name Omani Owl, the northern populations are renamed Desert Owl Strix hadorami (Israel 1987.01-2, Mozambique 2013.11, Sao Tome & Principe 2003.08, St Vincent & Grenadines 2001.07).

Micronesian Kingfisher Todiramphus cinnamominus is split to three species.
Guam (Micronesian) Kingfisher Todiramphus cinnamominus: no longer on stamp
Rusty-capped Kingfisher Todiramphus pelewensis: Palau 1994.02, 2000.01, 2007.01
Pohnpei Kingfisher Todiramphus reichenbachii: Micronesia 1990.01, 1991.03

Tuamotu Kingfisher Todiramphus gambieri on stamps changes English and scientific name to Niau Kingfisher Todiramphus gertrudae (French Polynesia 1991.01, 2010.01). The reason for this is that Tuamotu Kingfisher is split - the extinct Mangareva Kingfisher Todiramphus gambieri and Niau Kingfisher Todiramphus gertrudae.

Five splits from Collared Kingfisher Todiramphus chloris are accepted.
Mariana Kingfisher Todiramphus albicilla: Guinea-Bissau 2012.15
Melanesian Kingfisher Todiramphus tristrami: Solomon Is 2004.03
Pacific Kingfisher Todiramphus sacer: Fiji 1994.01 1995.01 1995.03 1996.02, Niuafo'ou 1983.01 1986.01, Niue 1992.02 1993.04 1996.01
Other birds listed by me as Collared Kingfishers should probably be listed as belonging to some of the new species.

Several subspecies of Variable Dwarf Kingfisher Ceyx lepidus are raised to species level.
Variable Dwarf Kingfisher Ceyx lepidus is no longer on stamp.
Philippines 2007.06 will be new species Dimorphic Dwarf Kingfisher Ceyx margarethae
Solomon Is 2001.01 and 2004.03 will be new species North Solomons Dwarf Kingfisher Ceyx meeki

Asian Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone paradisi is now three species:
Indian Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone paradisi: India 2000.04, Maldive Is 2002.04, Sri Lanka 2003.01
Oriental Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone affinis: Brunei 1992.01, Kampuchea 1987.02, Liberia 2001.16, Malaysia 1965.01, Palau 2001.03, Thailand 1975.01
Amur Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone incei: Russia (USSR) 1981.01

South Island Robin is new English name for New Zealand Robin Petroica australis: New Zealand 1988.05
Norfolk Robin is split from Pacific Robin
Pacific Robin shall have scientific name Petroica pusilla: Aitutaki 1981.01 1984.01 1985.02, Fiji 1995.04, New Hebrides 1980.01-2, Palau 2001.02, Samoa 1988.01 2009.01, Vanuatu 1991.01
Norfolk Robin shall have scientific name Petroica multicolor: Norfolk Island 1970.02 1990.01-2 2009.04-5

New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 5.4English name IOC 5.3
Leucocarbo carunculatusNew Zealand King ShagRough-faced Shag
Leucocarbo chalconotusStewart ShagBronze Shag
Psephotellus pulcherrimusParadise ParrotParadise Parakeet
Terpsiphone paradisiIndian Paradise FlycatcherAsian Paradise Flycatcher
Petroica australisSouth Island RobinNew Zealand Robin
Laos 1990.02, New Zealand 2009.03, Mozambique 2012.01
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 5.4Scientific name IOC 5.3
Wedge-tailed ShearwaterArdenna pacificusPuffinus pacificus
Sooty ShearwaterArdenna griseaPuffinus griseus
Pink-footed ShearwaterArdenna creatopusPuffinus creatopus
Flesh-footed ShearwaterArdenna carneipesPuffinus carneipes
Great ShearwaterArdenna gravisPuffinus gravis
Helmeted WoodpeckerCeleus galeatusDryocopus galeatus
Pacific RobinPetroica pusillaPetroica multicolor
Kiribati 2005.02, Maldive Is 1977.01 2014.19, Marshall Is 1987.01 1991.01, Norfolk I 1994.01-2 2006.01, Solomon Is 2013.14, Alderney 2003.01-2, Falkland Is 2010.01-2, Kiribati 2008.01 2008.03 2015.01, French Antarctic Territory 2000.03, Maldive Is 1985.01 2013.01, Falkland Is 2010.01-2, Greenland 1982.01, Grenada 1998.02, Nevis 2010.02, Sierra Leone 1995.02 2000.09, St Pierre & Miquelon 1993.01, Tristan da Cunha 1968.01 1985.01 1988.01 2007.02, Uruguay 2004.01, Nicaragua 1995.01-2

July 2015 update. From IOC 5.2 to IOC 5.3.
The IOC World Bird List 5.3 contains 10,732 species classified in 241 families and 2281 genera.

Sequence change for Columbidae.
Separate Old World Parrots from Psittacidae to new family Psittaculidae.
Red-billed Gull Chroicocephalus scopulinus is lumped with Silver Gull Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae
Four-colored Bushshrike Telophorus quadricolor is lumped with Gorgeous Bushshrike Telophorus viridis
Red-billed Gull
Grenada 2014.04, New Zealand 1964.01-2 1998.01, Solomon Is 2012.01
Four-colored Bushshrike
Cameroun 1998.02, Congo K 2000.01, Jordan 1964.01, Swaziland 1976.01, Tanzania 1992.01, Zimbabwe 2007.01-2

New species on stamp
English nameScientific nameRange
Grey-headed SwamphenPorphyrio poliocephalusMiddle East and Indian subcontinent to s China, n Thailand
Australasian SwamphenPorphyrio melanotusAustralasia
Grey-headed Swamphen
Afghanistan 1989.02, Azerbaijan 2009.01, Cuba 2008.04, Iran 2009.02, Iraq 2000.01, Sri Lanka 2003.01, Vietnam North 1972.01
Australasian Swamphen
Aitutaki 1981.01 1984.02 1985.02, Australia 2000.01-3 2009.06-9, Fiji 1995.02 1997.04 2006.06, Micronesia 2015.03, New Caledonia 1985.05, New Zealand 2002.01, Niuafo'ou 1983.01 1986.01, Niue 1992.01 1993.04 1996.01 2000.01, Norfolk Island 2001.02-3, Palau 1991.01 1997.01, Samoa 1967.01 1968.01 1988.02, Solomon Is 1990.01 2001.01 2004.01, Tonga 1998.01 2012.01-2, Vanuatu 2012.01-2, Wallis & Futuna 1993.01
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 5.3English name IOC 5.2
Porphyrio porphyrioWestern SwamphenPurple Swamphen
Porphyrio hochstetteriSouth Island TakaheTakahe
Porphyrio mantelliNorth Island TakaheMohoau
Strix variaBarred OwlNorthern Barred Owl
Eugenes fulgensRivoli's HummingbirdMagnificent Hummingbird
Ramphastos ambiguusYellow-throated ToucanBlack-mandibled Toucan
Loxops coccineusHawai AkepaAkepa
Western Swamphen
Algeria 1987.01, Botswana 2014.01, Morocco 1976.01, Portugal 1985.01 2001.01 2001.03, Russia (USSR) 1968.01, Sierra Leone 1999.04, Uganda 1991.01 1995.01, Zambia 1999.06 2001.01 2014.01, Zimbabwe 2007.01-2
South Island Takahe
New Zealand 1956.01 1988.01 2002.01 2011.07-8, Nicaragua 1990.01, Tanzania 1998.07
North Island Takahe
Mozambique 2012.15
Barred Owl
Centralafrica 2012.01, Ghana 1985.01 1989.03, Guinea 1998.01 2009.09 2013.10, Guinea-Bissau 2013.04 2014.03 2015.01, Maldive Is 2015.09, Marshall Is 2008.02, Mozambique 2002.08 2014.17, Sao Tome and Principe 2013.14-15 2014.07, St Kitts 2015.03, St Vincent & Grenadines 2001.01, Togo 2011.24 2013.37, USA 1978.02
Rivoli's Hummingbird
El Salvador 1995.03, Nevis 2005.02, Nicaragua 1992.01, St Vincent & Grenadines 1999.06, Togo 2015.07
Yellow-throated Toucan
Angola 2000.04, Colombia 2003.02, French Guiana 1947.02, Mozambique 2011.07, Nicaragua 2001.01, Panama 2001.01, Sao Tome and Principe 2015.05
Hawai Akepa
USA 2010.03
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 5.3Scientific name IOC 5.2
Lined Quail-DoveZentrygon linearisGeotrygon linearis
White-breasted Ground DoveAlopecoenas jobiensisGallicolumba jobiensis
White-fronted Ground DoveAlopecoenas kubaryiGallicolumba kubaryi
Polynesian Ground DoveAlopecoenas erythropterusGallicolumba erythroptera
Tongan Ground DoveAlopecoenas stairiGallicolumba stairi
Palau Ground DoveAlopecoenas canifronsGallicolumba canifrons
Mulga ParrotPsephotellus variusPsephotus varius
Hooded ParrotPsephotellus dissimilisPsephotus dissimilis
Golden-shouldered ParrotPsephotellus chrysopterygiusPsephotus chrysopterygius
Paradise ParakeetPsephotellus pulcherrimusPsephotus pulcherrimus
Cardinal LoryPseudeos cardinalisChalcopsitta cardinalis
Black-bodied WoodpeckerDryocopus schulziiDryocopus schulzi
Red-billed OxpeckerBuphagus erythrorynchusBuphagus erythrorhynchus
IiwiDrepanis coccineaVestiaria coccinea
Venezuela 1962.01 1965.01, Papua New Guinea 1977.01, Micronesia 1991.03, French Polynesia 2006.01, Kiribati 1982.01, Samoa 2013.01 2014.01, Tonga 1998.01 2004.02, Wallis & Futuna 1987.01, Palau 1989.01 1989.05 1990.03 2000.02 2007.01, Umm Al Qiwain 1972.03, Zambia 1998.03, Congo K 2000.06, Australia 1980.02 1983.01, Congo K 2000.04, Lesotho 1998.03, Marshall Is 2012.02, Mozambique 2012.01, Solomon Is 1996.01 2005.01 2014.11, Bolivia 2002.01, Botswana 2015.01-2, Liberia 2000.08, South Africa 1995.01 2010.01 2012.02, Tanzania 1993.02 1997.06, Togo 1996.02, Guinea 1991.02, Uganda 1991.02, Upper Volta 1984.01, Zambia 2008.01-2, Guinea 2013.13, Penrhyn Island 1978.01-2, USA 1987.01 2010.03

April 2015 update. From IOC 5.1 to IOC 5.2.
The IOC World Bird List 5.2 contains 10,716 species classified in 240 families and 2277 genera.

New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 5.2English name IOC 5.1
Foulehaio carunculatusGreater Wattled HoneyeaterWattled Honeyeater
Gymnomyza viridisYellow-billed HoneyeaterGiant Honeyeater
Rhagologus leucostigmaMottled BerryhunterMottled Whistler
Samoa, Tonga, Wallis & Futuna, Papua New Guinea
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 5.2Scientific name IOC 5.1
Great BarbetPsilopogon virensMegalaima virens
Red-crowned BarbetPsilopogon rafflesiiMegalaima rafflesii
Red-throated BarbetPsilopogon mystacophanosMegalaima mystacophanos
Yellow-fronted BarbetPsilopogon flavifronsMegalaima flavifrons
Taiwan BarbetPsilopogon nuchalisMegalaima nuchalis
Moustached BarbetPsilopogon incognitusMegalaima incognitus
Coppersmith BarbetPsilopogon haemacephalusMegalaima haemacephalus
Black-chinned SiskinSpinus barbatusSpinus barbata
Hooded SiskinSpinus magellanicusSpinus magellanica
Red SiskinSpinus cucullatusSpinus cucullata
China (Taiwan), Guinea, Nepal, Singapore, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Laos, Palau

January 2015 update. From IOC 4.4 to IOC 5.1.
The IOC World Bird List 5.1 contains 10,709 species classified in 240 families and 2278 genera.

Wilson's Storm Petrel, Grey-backed Storm Petrel, White-bellied Storm Petrel, Black-bellied Storm Petrel and Polynesian Storm Petrel move from Hydrobatidae (Northern Storm Petrels) to new family Oceanitidae Austral Storm Petrels.

New species on stamp
English nameScientific nameRange
Chestnut-bellied TitSittiparus castaneoventrisTaiwan
China (Taiwan)
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 5.1English name IOC 4.4
Afropavo congensisCongo PeafowlCongo Peacock
Stephanoxis lalandiGreen-crowned PlovercrestPlovercrest
Passerella iliacaRed Fox SparrowFox Sparrow
Atlapetes latinuchusYellow-breasted Brush FinchRufous-naped Brush Finch
Belgium, Burundi, Centralafrica, Congo (K), Gambia, Guinea, Hungary, Korea N, Liberia, Togo, Brazil, SPM, Ecuador
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 5.1Scientific name IOC 4.4
Cuban BlackbirdPtiloxena atroviolaceaPtiloxena atroviolaceus

October 2014 update. From IOC 4.3 to IOC 4.4.
The IOC World Bird List 4.4 contains 10,694 species classified in 239 families and 2278 genera.

Fiji Whistler Pachycephala graeffii is lumped with P vitiensis
Bucerotidae sequence change
New species on stamp
English nameScientific nameRange
Clapper RailRallus crepitansNA, MA, e coast of US to Caribbean and coastal Belize
Ridgway's RailRallus obsoletusNA, MA, sw US to Baja California
Palkachupa CotingaPhibalura bolivianaBolivia
Bahamas, British Virgin I, Grenada, Turks & Caicos, Antigua & Barbuda, Korea S
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 4.4English name IOC 4.3
Rallus longirostrisMangrove RailClapper Rail
Pachycephala vitiensisFiji WhistlerWhite-throated Whistler
Agelaioides badiusGreyish BaywingBaywing
Micronesia, Tuvalu, Fiji, Argentina
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 4.4Scientific name IOC 4.3
Malagasy Turtle DoveNesoenas picturatusNesoenas picturata
Bradfield's HornbillLophoceros bradfieldiTockus bradfieldi
African Pied HornbillLophoceros fasciatusTockus fasciatus
African Grey HornbillLophoceros nasutusTockus nasutus
Red-billed Dwarf HornbillLophoceros camurusTockus camurus
White-crested HornbillHorizocerus albocristatusTropicranus albocristatus
Knobbed HornbillRhyticeros cassidixAceros cassidix
Wrinkled HornbillRhabdotorrhinus corrugatusAceros corrugatus
BIOT, Zil Elwannyen Sesel, Botswana, Zambia, Senegal, Sudan, Bechuanaland, Centralafrica, Congo (K), Gambia, Niger, Togo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Indonesia, Malaysia, Niue

July 2014 update. From IOC 4.2 to IOC 4.3.
The IOC World Bird List 4.3 contains 10,684 species classified in 40 orders, 240 families and 2276 genera.

Icteridae sequence change
New species on stamp
English nameScientific nameRange
Seychelles Black ParrotCoracopsis barklyiPraslin I. (Seychelles)
BIOT, Seychelles
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 4.3English name IOC 4.2
Amblyornis macgregoriaeMacgregor's BowerbirdMacGregor's Bowerbird
Pheucticus chrysogasterGolden GrosbeakSouthern Yellow Grosbeak
Pheucticus chrysopeplusYellow GrosbeakMexican Yellow Grosbeak
Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 4.3Scientific name IOC 4.2
Cuban BlackbirdPtiloxena atroviolaceusDives atroviolaceus
Family moves
English nameScientific nameFamily IOC 4.3Family IOC 4.2
Grey ButcherbirdCracticus torquatusArtamidaeCracticidae
Australian MagpieGymnorhina tibicenArtamidaeCracticidae
Mottled WhistlerRhagologus leucostigmaRhagologidaeIncertae Sedis 2
Blue-capped IfritIfrita kowaldiIfritidaeIncertae Sedis 3

April 2014 update. From IOC 4.1 to IOC 4.2.
The IOC World Bird List 4.2 contains 10,680 species classified in 40 orders, 238 families and 2273 genera.

Alaudidae sequence change
New species on stamp
English nameScientific nameRange
Timneh ParrotPsittacus timnehGuinea to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali and w Ivory Coast; Principe Is
Timneh Parrot splits from Grey Parrot Psittacus erithacus.
I shall list Sierra Leone 1980, 1981, 1982 Grey Parrot as Timneh Parrot.
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 4.2English name IOC 4.1
Urodynamis taitensisPacific Long-tailed CuckooLong-tailed Cuckoo
Aulacorhynchus whitelianusTepui ToucanetWhitely's Toucanet
Kiribati, Marshall Is, Micronesia, Niue, Norfolk Island, Tuvalu
St Maarten, Surinam
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 4.2Scientific name IOC 4.1
Yellow-wattled LapwingVanellus malabaricusVanellus malarbaricus
Tristan ThrushTurdus eremitaNesocichla eremita
Groundscraper ThrushTurdus litsitsirupaPsophocichla litsitsirupa
Tristan da Cunha, Botswana, Nevis

January 2014 update. From IOC 3.5 to IOC 4.1.
The IOC World Bird List 4.1 contains 10,668 species classified in 40 orders, 232 families (plus 5 Incertia sedis) and 2274 genera.

Anhimidae, Anseranatidae and Anatidae move to before Megapodiidae
Falconidae moves to after Picidae
Strigopidae, Cacatuidae and Psittacidae move to before Acanthisittidae (Passeriformes)
Muscicapidae sequence change
Grandala Grandala coelicolor moves from Muscicapidae to Turdidae
New species on stamp
English nameScientific nameRange
Gosling's BuntingEmberiza goslingiMauritania and Senegal to sw Sudan and ne DR Congo
Gosling's Bunting splits from Cinnamon-breasted Bunting Emberiza tahapisi.
I shall list Ghana 1989 Cinnamon-breasted Bunting as Gosling's Bunting because of the grey breast.
Gosling's Bunting Gosling's Bunting
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 4.1English name IOC 3.5
Pachycephala caledonicaNew Caledonia WhistlerMelanesian Whistler
New Caledonia 1968
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 4.1Scientific name IOC 3.5
Black-billed CapercaillieTetrao urogalloidesTetrao parvirostris
Sri Lanka JunglefowlGallus lafayettiiGallus lafayetii
Yellow-wattled LapwingVanellus malarbaricusVanellus malabaricus
Mongolia 1961, Ceylon 1966-7, Paraguay 1976, Micronesia 2006
September 2013 update. From IOC 3.4 to IOC 3.5.

The IOC World Bird List 3.5 contains 10,657 species classified in 40 orders, 232 families (plus 5 Incertia sedis) and 2284 genera.

Paridae sequence change.
Ptilogonatidae becomes Ptiliogonatidae.
Mohoua ochrocephala moves from Incertae Sedis 2 to new family Mohouidae (Whiteheads) after Campephagidae (Cuckooshrikes). Incertae Sedis 2 is empty and is deleted.

New species on stamp
English nameScientific nameRange
Magnificent SunbirdAethopyga magnificaPhilippines
Magnificent Sunbird Aethopyga magnifica splits from Crimson Sunbird Aethopyga siparaja . I shall move Philippines stamps with Crimson Sunbird to Magnificent Sunbird.
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 3.5English name IOC 3.4
Aythya innotataMadagascan PochardMadagascar Pochard
Lophotibis cristataMadagascan IbisMadagascar Ibis
Eutriorchis asturMadagascan Serpent EagleMadagascar Serpent Eagle
Haliaeetus vociferoidesMadagascan Fish EagleMadagascar Fish Eagle
Treron australisMadagascan Green PigeonMadagascar Green Pigeon
Alectroenas madagascariensisMadagascan Blue PigeonMadagascar Blue Pigeon
Asio madagascariensisMadagascan OwlMadagascar Owl
Caprimulgus madagascariensisMadagascan NightjarMadagascar Nightjar
Corythornis madagascariensisMadagascan Pygmy KingfisherMadagascar Pygmy Kingfisher
Upupa marginataMadagascan HoopoeMadagascar Hoopoe
Cisticola cherinaMadagascan CisticolaMadagascar Cisticola
Porzana atraHenderson CrakeRed-eyed Crake
Ptilinopus insularisHenderson Fruit DoveScarlet-capped Fruit Dove
Centralafrica, Comoro Is, Grenada, Madagascar, Malagasy, Mozambique, Nauru, Pitcairn Is, Tanzania, Zil Ewannyen Sesel.
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 3.5Scientific name IOC 3.4
Rüppell's VultureGyps rueppelliGyps rueppellii
Black EagleIctinaetus malaiensisIctinaetus malayensis
Blue KorhaanEupodotis caerulescensEupodotis coerulescens
African Collared DoveStreptopelia roseogriseaStreptopelia risoria
Great Cuckoo-DoveReinwardtoena reinwardtiReinwardtoena reinwardtii
Layard's ParakeetPsittacula calthrapaePsittacula calthropae
Red-throated LorikeetCharmosyna amabilisCharmosyna aureicincta
Nanday ParakeetAratinga nendayNandayus nenday
Blue-crowned ParakeetThectocercus acuticaudatusAratinga acuticaudata
Green ParakeetPsittacara holochlorusAratinga holochlora
Red-throated ParakeetPsittacara rubritorquisAratinga rubritorquis
Pacific ParakeetPsittacara strenuusAratinga strenua
Scarlet-fronted ParakeetPsittacara wagleriAratinga wagleri
Mitred ParakeetPsittacara mitratusAratinga mitrata
Red-masked ParakeetPsittacara erythrogenysAratinga erythrogenys
Finsch's ParakeetPsittacara finschiAratinga finschi
White-eyed ParakeetPsittacara leucophthalmusAratinga leucophthalma
Cuban ParakeetPsittacara euopsAratinga euops
Hispaniolan ParakeetPsittacara chloropterusAratinga chloroptera
Olive-throated ParakeetEupsittula nanaAratinga nana
Orange-fronted ParakeetEupsittula canicularisAratinga canicularis
Peach-fronted ParakeetEupsittula aureaAratinga aurea
Brown-throated ParakeetEupsittula pertinaxAratinga pertinax
Bare-legged OwlMargarobyas lawrenciiGymnoglaux lawrencii
Red-tailed CometSappho sparganurusSappho sparganura
Grey Silky-flycatcherPtiliogonys cinereusPtilogonys cinereus
Long-tailed Silky-flycatcherPtiliogonys caudatusPtilogonys caudatus
Varied TitSittiparus variusPoecile varius
Yellow-bellied TitPardaliparus venustulusPeriparus venustulus
Carp's TitMelaniparus carpiParus carpi
Miombo TitMelaniparus griseiventrisParus griseiventris
Yellow-cheeked TitMachlolophus spilonotusParus spilonotus
Yellow TitMachlolophus holstiParus holsti
Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Barbuda, Bhutan, Cambodia, Cameroun, Caribbean Netherlands, Chad, China, China (Taiwan), Comoro Is, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Kinshasa), Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Fiji, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Grenadines (G), Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Honduras, Japan, Lesotho, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Mexico, Montserrat, Mustique, Namibia, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Rumania, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, St Vincent, Surinam, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, Umm Al Qiwain, Upper Volta, Zimbabwe.

June 2013 update. From IOC 3.3 to IOC 3.4.

The IOC World Bird List 3.4 contains 10,637 species classified in 40 orders, 231 families (plus 6 Incertia sedis) and 2279 genera.

Mottled Whistler Rhagologus leucostigma moves from family Pachycephalidae to Incertae Sedis 3.
Rufous-vented Prinia Prinia burnesii moves from family Cisticolidae to Pellorneidae and is renamed Laticilla burnesii.
Myophonus species move from Turdidae to Muscicapidae.

New species on stamp
English nameScientific nameRangeSplit from
Lesser Sooty OwlTyto multipunctataQueensland (Australia)Tyto tenebricosa
Solomons NightjarEurostopodus nigripennisSolomon Is.Eurostopodus mystacalis
Palau NightjarCaprimulgus phalaenaPalauCaprimulgus indicus
I shall move Tyto tenebricosa on Comoro Is 2011, Guinea-Bissau 2012 and Mozambique 2011 to Tyto multipunctata.
I shall move Eurostopodus mystacalis on Solomon Is 2004 to Eurostopodus nigripennis.
I shall move Caprimulgus indicus on Palau 1992 and 1995 to Caprimulgus phalaena.
Eurostopodus mystacalis and Caprimulgus indicus are no longer on stamp.
New English names
Scientific nameEnglish name IOC 3.4English name IOC 3.3
Tyto tenebricosaGreater Sooty OwlSooty Owl
Ceratogymna atrataBlack-casqued HornbillBlack-casqued Wattled Hornbill
Ceratogymna elataYellow-casqued HornbillYellow-casqued Wattled Hornbill
Iduna natalensisAfrican Yellow WarblerDark-capped Yellow Warbler
Papua New Guinea, Cameroun, Congo (Kinshasa), Rwanda, Togo, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria.
New scientific names
English nameScientific name IOC 3.4Scientific name IOC 3.3
MorningbirdPachycephala tenebrosaColluricincla tenebrosa
Rufous-vented PriniaLaticilla burnesiiPrinia burnesii
Palau, Nepal.