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Bird stamps from Dahomey

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13   24   32   88   145   218  

Face value | Family number | English name | Scientific name
1966.01   13.06.1966   Birds      
African Pygmy Goose Nettapus auritus Fiery-breasted Bushshrike Malaconotus cruentus Emerald Starling Lamprotornis iris
50f     13     African Pygmy Goose    Nettapus auritus     
100f     145     Fiery-breasted Bushshrike    Malaconotus cruentus     
500f     218     Emerald Starling    Lamprotornis iris     

1967.01   20.01.1967   Birds      
Broad-billed Roller Eurystomus glaucurus African Emerald Cuckoo Chrysococcyx cupreus
200f     88     Broad-billed Roller    Eurystomus glaucurus     
250f     24     African Emerald Cuckoo    Chrysococcyx cupreus     

1969.01   15.11.1969   Surcharge on 1966.01      
African Pygmy Goose Nettapus auritus
10f     13     African Pygmy Goose    Nettapus auritus     

1972.01   28.02.1972   Winter olympic games, Sapporo, Japan   2v set   
Red-crowned Crane Grus japonensis
150f     32     Red-crowned Crane    Grus japonensis     

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Location: Western Africa
Status: No longer a stamp-issuing entity; now named Benin

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