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Bird stamps from Bolivia

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Face value | Family number | English name | Scientific name
1925.01   Centenary of independence   8v set   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
25c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1928.01   Definitives      
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
5c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1939.01   21.01.1939   Definitives      
Toco Toucan Ramphastos toco
40c     26     Cocoi Heron    Ardea cocoi     
45c     26     Cocoi Heron    Ardea cocoi     = 40c
90c     100     Toco Toucan    Ramphastos toco     
1b     100     Toco Toucan    Ramphastos toco     = 90c
2b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     
3b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     = 2b

1941.01   21.08.1941   Air   p 13   
50b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     
100b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     = 50b

1963.01   22.04.1963   21st South American football championships      
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
1.40p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1980.01   28.04.1980   Copa mundial de futbol FIFA   Sheet, imp   1963.01
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
20p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1980.02   13.10.1980   FIFA   Sheet, imp   1963.01
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
20p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1981.01   11.05.1981   Macaws      
Scarlet Macaw Ara macao Red-and-green Macaw Ara chloropterus Blue-and-yellow Macaw Ara ararauna Red-fronted Macaw Ara rubrogenys Golden-collared Macaw Primolius auricollis Hyacinth Macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus Military Macaw Ara militaris Chestnut-fronted Macaw Ara severus
4p     108     Scarlet Macaw    Ara macao     
7p     108     Red-and-green Macaw    Ara chloropterus     
8p     108     Blue-and-yellow Macaw    Ara ararauna     
9p     108     Red-fronted Macaw    Ara rubrogenys     
10p     108     Golden-collared Macaw    Primolius auricollis     
12p     108     Hyacinth Macaw    Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus     
15p     108     Military Macaw    Ara militaris     
20p     108     Chestnut-fronted Macaw    Ara severus     

1985.01   22.05.1985   Endangered animals   3v set   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
25000b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1987.01   24.07.1987   Endangered animals   6v set   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus Keel-billed Toucan Ramphastos sulfuratus
0.20b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     p 13x13
0.60b     100     Keel-billed Toucan    Ramphastos sulfuratus     

1987.02   16.12.1987   Olympic games 1988 Calgary   2v sheet   1941.01
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
2b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     p 13

1989.01   07.12.1989   Apollo XI   2v sheet   1987.01
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
0.20b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     p 13

1991.01   30.11.1991   Lilienthal      1987.01
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
0.20b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     p 13x13 MS

1992.01   06.07.1992   Avian history      1987.01
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
0.20b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     p 13 MS

1992.02   18.11.1992   Ecology and conservation   7v set   
4b     82     Violet-tailed Sylph    Aglaiocercus coelestis     

1995.01   03.07.1995   Conservation   Sheet, imp   1992.02
Violet-tailed Sylph Aglaiocercus coelestis
4b     82     Violet-tailed Sylph    Aglaiocercus coelestis     

1995.02   21.11.1995   America   2v strip   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
5b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1998.01   08.10.1998   Beni   6v set   
King Vulture Sarcoramphus papa
7b     34     King Vulture    Sarcoramphus papa     

1998.02   12.11.1998   Espamer '98, stamp on stamp      1998.01
King Vulture Sarcoramphus papa
2b     34     King Vulture    Sarcoramphus papa     

2002.01   12.07.2002   Birds - La Paz      
Orinoco Goose Neochen jubata Orange-breasted Falcon Falco deiroleucus Black-bodied Woodpecker Dryocopus schulzii
0.50b     9     Orinoco Goose    Neochen jubata     
4b     105     Orange-breasted Falcon    Falco deiroleucus     
6b     104     Black-bodied Woodpecker    Dryocopus schulzii     

2004.01   30.12.2004   Upaep   2v set   
Red-and-green Macaw Ara chloropterus
6b     108     Red-and-green Macaw    Ara chloropterus     

2005.01   28.06.2005   Birds      
Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja Red-faced Guan Penelope dabbenei Blue-banded Toucanet Aulacorhynchus coeruleicinctis
1b     37     Harpy Eagle    Harpia harpyja     
1.50b     11     Red-faced Guan    Penelope dabbenei     
7b     100     Blue-banded Toucanet    Aulacorhynchus coeruleicinctis     

2005.02   27.09.2005   Tourism      
James's Flamingo Phoenicoparrus jamesi
6b     22     James's Flamingo    Phoenicoparrus jamesi     

2006.01   24.08.2006   Philately   6v sheet   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
1.50b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     Stamps on stamp
and     108     Scarlet Macaw    Ara macao     

2006.02   11.12.2006   Birds of Pando and Santa Cruz      
Green-billed Toucan Ramphastos dicolorus Horned Curassow Pauxi unicornis Azure Jay Cyanocorax caeruleus Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja
2.50b     100     Green-billed Toucan    Ramphastos dicolorus     
3.50b     11     Horned Curassow    Pauxi unicornis     
6b     163     Azure Jay    Cyanocorax caeruleus     
7b     37     Harpy Eagle    Harpia harpyja     

2007.01   20.07.2007   Birds of Santa Cruz      
Blue-and-yellow Macaw Ara ararauna Purple Gallinule Porphyrio martinica
5.50b     108     Blue-and-yellow Macaw    Ara ararauna     
7.50b     45     Purple Gallinule    Porphyrio martinica     

2007.02   30.07.2007   Birds of La Paz      
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus Andean Cock-of-the-rock Rupicola peruvianus
4b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     
5.50b     121     Andean Cock-of-the-rock    Rupicola peruvianus     

2007.03   21.08.2007   Birds of Cochabamba      
Great Egret Ardea alba Great Horned Owl Bubo virginianus
4b     26     Great Egret    Ardea alba     
6.50b     74     Great Horned Owl    Bubo virginianus     

2007.04   22.08.2007   Birds of Beni      
Toco Toucan Ramphastos toco Hoatzin Opisthocomus hoazin
5.50b     100     Toco Toucan    Ramphastos toco     
7.50b     70     Hoatzin    Opisthocomus hoazin     

2007.05   23.08.2007   Birds of Pando      
Black-tailed Trogon Trogon melanurus Cocoi Heron Ardea cocoi
6.50b     84     Black-tailed Trogon    Trogon melanurus     
10.50b     26     Cocoi Heron    Ardea cocoi     

2007.06   24.08.2007   Birds of Potosi      
American Kestrel Falco sparverius Puna Tinamou Tinamotis pentlandii
6.50b     105     American Kestrel    Falco sparverius     
9b     1     Puna Tinamou    Tinamotis pentlandii     

2007.07   27.08.2007   Birds of Tarija      
Rufous-browed Peppershrike Cyclarhis gujanensis King Vulture Sarcoramphus papa
3.50b     158     Rufous-browed Peppershrike    Cyclarhis gujanensis     
8.50b     34     King Vulture    Sarcoramphus papa     

2007.08   27.08.2007   Birds of Chuquisaca      
Amazonian Motmot Momotus momota Glittering-bellied Emerald Chlorostilbon lucidus
8.50b     90     Amazonian Motmot    Momotus momota     
9b     82     Glittering-bellied Emerald    Chlorostilbon lucidus     

2007.09   28.08.2007   Birds of Oruro      
Black-necked Stilt Himantopus mexicanus Roseate Spoonbill Platalea ajaja
6.50b     56     Black-necked Stilt    Himantopus mexicanus     
7.50b     25     Roseate Spoonbill    Platalea ajaja     

2010.01   02.12.2010   Upaep   2v set   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
2.50b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

2010.02   09.12.2010   Endangered species   4v set   
Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant Anairetes alpinus
3.50b     120     Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant    Anairetes alpinus     

2013.01   11.07.2013   Fauna   4v set   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
10.50b     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

2015.01   16.05.2015   Endangered fauna   4v set   
Giant Coot Fulica gigantea Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja
5.50b     45     Giant Coot    Fulica gigantea     
50b     37     Harpy Eagle    Harpia harpyja     

2015.02   25.06.2015   Bolivia-Korea diplomatic relations      
Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus Palkachupa Cotinga Phibalura boliviana
2b     9     Scaly-sided Merganser    Mergus squamatus     
2b     121     Palkachupa Cotinga    Phibalura boliviana     

Bolivia map

Location: Central South America
Population: 8.1 million
Climate: varies with altitude; humid and tropical to cold and semiarid
Terrain: rugged Andes Mountains with a highland plateau (Altiplano), hills, lowland plains of the Amazon Basin

Birds: 1400 species. 20 endemic species.

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