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Bird stamps from Argentina

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Face value | Family number | English name | Scientific name
1928.01   01.03.1928   Air      
Yellow-headed Caracara Milvago chimachima Yellow-headed Caracara Milvago chimachima Andean Condor Vultur gryphus Yellow-headed Caracara Milvago chimachima Yellow-headed Caracara Milvago chimachima Andean Condor Vultur gryphus Andean Condor Vultur gryphus Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
15c     105     Yellow-headed Caracara    Milvago chimachima     
20c     105     Yellow-headed Caracara    Milvago chimachima     = 15c
24c     105     Yellow-headed Caracara    Milvago chimachima     = 15c
35c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     
50c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     = 35c
54c     105     Yellow-headed Caracara    Milvago chimachima     = 15c
72c     105     Yellow-headed Caracara    Milvago chimachima     = 15c
1.26p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     = 35c
1.80p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     = 35c
3.60p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     = 35c

1930.01   19.05.1930   Overprint ZEPPELIN on 1928.01      
20c     105     Yellow-headed Caracara    Milvago chimachima     
50c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     
1.80p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     
3.60p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1931.01   04.08.1931   Overprint 6 Septiembre on 1928.01      
72c     105     Yellow-headed Caracara    Milvago chimachima     
1.80p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     
3.60p     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1951.01   20.06.1951   10th anniversary of state airlines      
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
20c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1951.02   17.10.1951   Five-year plan      
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
20c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1960.01   06.02.1960   Child welfare, birds      
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus Fork-tailed Flycatcher Tyrannus savana Magellanic Woodpecker Campephilus magellanicus Huayco Tinamou Rhynchotus maculicollis Greater Rhea Rhea americana
20c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     
50c     120     Fork-tailed Flycatcher    Tyrannus savana     
1p     104     Magellanic Woodpecker    Campephilus magellanicus     
2p     6     Huayco Tinamou    Rhynchotus maculicollis     
3p     2     Greater Rhea    Rhea americana     

1961.01   25.02.1961   Child welfare, birds      
Emperor Penguin Aptenodytes forsteri Imperial Shag Leucocarbo atriceps
1.80p     16     Emperor Penguin    Aptenodytes forsteri     
4.20p     32     Imperial Shag    Leucocarbo atriceps     

1962.01   29.12.1962   Child welfare, birds      
Chalk-browed Mockingbird Mimus saturninus Rufous-collared Sparrow Zonotrichia capensis
4p     215     Chalk-browed Mockingbird    Mimus saturninus     
12p     237     Rufous-collared Sparrow    Zonotrichia capensis     

1963.01   21.12.1963   Child welfare, birds      
Scarlet Flycatcher Pyrocephalus rubinus Great Kiskadee Pitangus sulphuratus
4p     120     Scarlet Flycatcher    Pyrocephalus rubinus     
11p     120     Great Kiskadee    Pitangus sulphuratus     

1964.01   23.12.1964   Child welfare, birds      
Red-crested Cardinal Paroaria coronata Chilean Swallow Tachycineta leucopyga
4p     238     Red-crested Cardinal    Paroaria coronata     
18p     185     Chilean Swallow    Tachycineta leucopyga     

1965.01   27.02.1965   National territories   2v set   
Chinstrap Penguin Pygoscelis antarcticus
4p     16     Chinstrap Penguin    Pygoscelis antarcticus     

1966.01   26.03.1966   Child welfare, birds      
Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis Rufous Hornero Furnarius rufus
8p     57     Southern Lapwing    Vanellus chilensis     
27.50p     113     Rufous Hornero    Furnarius rufus     

1966.02   14.05.1966   Aviation school anniversary      
Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis
12p     65     Ring-billed Gull    Larus delawarensis     

1967.01   14.01.1967   Child welfare, birds      
Scarlet-headed Blackbird Amblyramphus holosericeus Blue-and-yellow Tanager Thraupis bonariensis
10p     235     Scarlet-headed Blackbird    Amblyramphus holosericeus     
15p     238     Blue-and-yellow Tanager    Thraupis bonariensis     

1967.02   23.12.1967   Child welfare, birds      
Amazon Kingfisher Chloroceryle amazona Toco Toucan Ramphastos toco
20p     88     Amazon Kingfisher    Chloroceryle amazona     
26p     100     Toco Toucan    Ramphastos toco     

1969.01   20.09.1969   Child welfare, birds      
White-faced Whistling Duck Dendrocygna viduata Lineated Woodpecker Dryocopus lineatus
20p     9     White-faced Whistling Duck    Dendrocygna viduata     
26p     104     Lineated Woodpecker    Dryocopus lineatus     

1970.01   23.05.1970   Child welfare, birds      
Slender-tailed Woodstar Microstilbon burmeisteri Chilean Flamingo Phoenicopterus chilensis
20c     82     Slender-tailed Woodstar    Microstilbon burmeisteri     
40c     22     Chilean Flamingo    Phoenicopterus chilensis     

1972.01   06.05.1972   Child welfare, birds      
Saffron Finch Sicalis flaveola Rufous-bellied Thrush Turdus rufiventris
25c     238     Saffron Finch    Sicalis flaveola     
65c     218     Rufous-bellied Thrush    Turdus rufiventris     

1973.01   28.04.1973   Child welfare, birds      
Southern Screamer Chauna torquata Saffron-cowled Blackbird Xanthopsar flavus
50c     7     Southern Screamer    Chauna torquata     
90c     235     Saffron-cowled Blackbird    Xanthopsar flavus     

1973.02   01.09.1973   Paintings   3v set   
Golden Pheasant Chrysolophus pictus
15c     14     Golden Pheasant    Chrysolophus pictus     

1974.01   11.05.1974   Child welfare, birds      
Double-collared Seedeater Sporophila caerulescens Hooded Siskin Spinus magellanicus
70c     238     Double-collared Seedeater    Sporophila caerulescens     
1.20p     232     Hooded Siskin    Spinus magellanicus     

1976.01   12.06.1976   Argentine philately   4v set   
Plush-crested Jay Cyanocorax chrysops Golden-collared Macaw Primolius auricollis
7p     163     Plush-crested Jay    Cyanocorax chrysops     
13p     108     Golden-collared Macaw    Primolius auricollis     

1978.01   12.08.1978   Inter-American philatelic exhibition      1963.01, 1973.01, 1974.01
Hooded Siskin Spinus magellanicus Double-collared Seedeater Sporophila caerulescens Saffron-cowled Blackbird Xanthopsar flavus Scarlet Flycatcher Pyrocephalus rubinus Great Kiskadee Pitangus sulphuratus
50p     232     Hooded Siskin    Spinus magellanicus     
100p     238     Double-collared Seedeater    Sporophila caerulescens     
150p     235     Saffron-cowled Blackbird    Xanthopsar flavus     
200p     120     Scarlet Flycatcher    Pyrocephalus rubinus     
500p     120     Great Kiskadee    Pitangus sulphuratus     

1979.01   29.12.1979   International year of the child   2v set   
Ruddy Ground Dove Columbina talpacoti
500p     69     Ruddy Ground Dove    Columbina talpacoti     

1980.01   27.09.1980   Antarctic Argentina   12v sheet   

King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus Chinstrap Penguin Pygoscelis antarcticus Adelie Penguin Pygoscelis adeliae Gentoo Penguin Pygoscelis papua Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes giganteus Imperial Shag Leucocarbo atriceps Snow Petrel Pagodroma nivea Snowy Sheathbill Chionis albus
500p     16     King Penguin    Aptenodytes patagonicus     
500p     16     Chinstrap Penguin    Pygoscelis antarcticus     
500p     16     Adelie Penguin    Pygoscelis adeliae     
500p     16     Gentoo Penguin    Pygoscelis papua     
500p     20     Southern Giant Petrel    Macronectes giganteus     
500p     32     Imperial Shag    Leucocarbo atriceps     
500p     20     Snow Petrel    Pagodroma nivea     
500p     51     Snowy Sheathbill    Chionis albus     

1983.01   10.12.1983   Fauna and pioneers of Southern Argentina   12v sheet   
Southern Rockhopper Penguin Eudyptes chrysocome Wandering Albatross Diomedea exulans Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophris Macaroni Penguin Eudyptes chrysolophus Light-mantled Albatross Phoebetria palpebrata
2p     16     Southern Rockhopper Penguin    Eudyptes chrysocome     
2p     18     Wandering Albatross    Diomedea exulans     
2p     18     Black-browed Albatross    Thalassarche melanophris     
2p     16     Macaroni Penguin    Eudyptes chrysolophus     
2p     18     Light-mantled Albatross    Phoebetria palpebrata     

1984.01   22.09.1984   Protected animals   6v set   
Hooded Grebe Podiceps gallardoi Brazilian Merganser Mergus octosetaceus Black-fronted Piping Guan Pipile jacutinga
20p     21     Hooded Grebe    Podiceps gallardoi     
20p     9     Brazilian Merganser    Mergus octosetaceus     
20p     11     Black-fronted Piping Guan    Pipile jacutinga     

1984.02   15.12.1984   Argentinian paintings   3v set   
American Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber
20p     22     American Flamingo    Phoenicopterus ruber     

1985.01   23.11.1985   Tourism   6v set   
Magellanic Penguin Spheniscus magellanicus
10c     16     Magellanic Penguin    Spheniscus magellanicus     

1986.01   31.05.1986   Argentine Antarctic research   12v set   
Cape Petrel Daption capense Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophris King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes giganteus Magellanic Penguin Spheniscus magellanicus South American Snipe Gallinago paraguaiae
10c     20     Cape Petrel    Daption capense     
10c     18     Black-browed Albatross    Thalassarche melanophris     
10c     16     King Penguin    Aptenodytes patagonicus     
10c     20     Southern Giant Petrel    Macronectes giganteus     
10c     16     Magellanic Penguin    Spheniscus magellanicus     
10c     63     South American Snipe    Gallinago paraguaiae     

1987.01   07.03.1987   25th anniversary of Antarctic treaty   2v set   
Adelie Penguin Pygoscelis adeliae
30c     16     Adelie Penguin    Pygoscelis adeliae     White frame

1987.02   07.03.1987   25th anniversary of Antarctic treaty   2v sheet   1987.01
Adelie Penguin Pygoscelis adeliae
30c     16     Adelie Penguin    Pygoscelis adeliae     Coloured frame

1987.03   19.12.1987   National parks (Baritu, Tierra del Fuego)   5v set   
Crested Oropendola Psarocolius decumanus Kelp Goose Chloephaga hybrida
50c     235     Crested Oropendola    Psarocolius decumanus     
50c     9     Kelp Goose    Chloephaga hybrida     

1988.01   26.11.1988   Prenfil '88   4v set   
Amethyst Woodstar Calliphlox amethystina
1a     82     Amethyst Woodstar    Calliphlox amethystina     
and     82     Ruby-topaz Hummingbird    Chrysolampis mosquitus     
and     82     Tufted Coquette    Lophornis ornatus     

1989.01   06.05.1989   National parks (Lihue Calel, Los Glaciares)   5v set   
Crested Gallito Rhinocrypta lanceolata Magellanic Woodpecker Campephilus magellanicus
5a     118     Crested Gallito    Rhinocrypta lanceolata     
5a     104     Magellanic Woodpecker    Campephilus magellanicus     

1990.01   27.10.1990   National parks (Laguna Blanca, Lanin)   5v set   
Black-necked Swan Cygnus melancoryphus Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle Geranoaetus melanoleucus
3000a     9     Black-necked Swan    Cygnus melancoryphus     
3000a     37     Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle    Geranoaetus melanoleucus     

1991.01   28.12.1991   Birds      
Lesser Rhea Rhea pennata Crested Eagle Morphnus guianensis Red-and-green Macaw Ara chloropterus
4000a     2     Lesser Rhea    Rhea pennata     
4000a     37     Crested Eagle    Morphnus guianensis     
4000a     108     Red-and-green Macaw    Ara chloropterus     

1992.01   04.04.1992   National parks (Los Alerces, Laguna de los Pozuelos)   5v set   
Chucao Tapaculo Scelorchilus rubecula James's Flamingo Phoenicoparrus jamesi
38c     118     Chucao Tapaculo    Scelorchilus rubecula     
38c     22     James's Flamingo    Phoenicoparrus jamesi     

1993.01   17.07.1993   Paintings of birds by Axel Amuchastegui   Sheet   
Great Egret Ardea alba Scarlet-headed Blackbird Amblyramphus holosericeus Red-crested Cardinal Paroaria coronata Belted Kingfisher Megaceryle alcyon
38c     26     Great Egret    Ardea alba     
38c     235     Scarlet-headed Blackbird    Amblyramphus holosericeus     
38c     238     Red-crested Cardinal    Paroaria coronata     
38c     88     Belted Kingfisher    Megaceryle alcyon     

1994.01   06.08.1994   Islas Malvinas   4v set   
White-bridled Finch Melanodera melanodera Gentoo Penguin Pygoscelis papua Falkland Steamer Duck Tachyeres brachypterus
25c     238     White-bridled Finch    Melanodera melanodera     
50c     16     Gentoo Penguin    Pygoscelis papua     
75c     9     Falkland Steamer Duck    Tachyeres brachypterus     

1995.01   12.04.1995   Birds of Argentina      
Greyish Baywing Agelaioides badius
9.40p     235     Greyish Baywing    Agelaioides badius     

1995.02   23.05.1995   Birds of Argentina      
Hooded Siskin Spinus magellanicus Rufous-collared Sparrow Zonotrichia capensis
5p     232     Hooded Siskin    Spinus magellanicus     
10p     237     Rufous-collared Sparrow    Zonotrichia capensis     

1995.03   01.08.1995   Argentine fauna      
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
75c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1995.04   01.09.1995   Argentine fauna      
Greater Rhea Rhea americana King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus Toco Toucan Ramphastos toco Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis
5c     2     Greater Rhea    Rhea americana     
25c     16     King Penguin    Aptenodytes patagonicus     
50c     100     Toco Toucan    Ramphastos toco     
2.75p     57     Southern Lapwing    Vanellus chilensis     

1995.05   01.09.1995   Argentine fauna   8v booklet   1995.03-4
25c     16     King Penguin    Aptenodytes patagonicus     ct
50c     100     Toco Toucan    Ramphastos toco     ct
75c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     cb

1995.06   07.10.1995   Argentine fauna      
Western Barn Owl Tyto alba Neotropic Cormorant Phalacrocorax brasilianus
1p     73     Western Barn Owl    Tyto alba     
2p     32     Neotropic Cormorant    Phalacrocorax brasilianus     

1996.01   24.08.1996   National parks (Estricta San Antonio, Diamante)   4v set   
Red-spectacled Amazon Amazona pretrei Dusky-legged Guan Penelope obscura
75c     108     Red-spectacled Amazon    Amazona pretrei     
75c     11     Dusky-legged Guan    Penelope obscura     

1997.01   22.02.1997   Argentine fauna      
Giant Wood Rail Aramides ypecaha
10c     45     Giant Wood Rail    Aramides ypecaha     

1997.02   21.06.1997   Buenos Aires 2004      
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
75c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

1998.01   22.07.1998   Argentine fauna      1995.04
Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis
3.25p     57     Southern Lapwing    Vanellus chilensis     

1998.02   12.12.1998   Argentine fauna   sa   
Red-tailed Comet Sappho sparganurus
60c     82     Red-tailed Comet    Sappho sparganurus     

1999.01   25.09.1999   National parks   5v set   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
50c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

2000.01   18.03.2000   Doves   Booklet, sa   
White-tipped Dove Leptotila verreauxi Picazuro Pigeon Patagioenas picazuro Picui Ground Dove Columbina picui Eared Dove Zenaida auriculata
75c     69     White-tipped Dove    Leptotila verreauxi     
75c     69     Picazuro Pigeon    Patagioenas picazuro     
75c     69     Picui Ground Dove    Columbina picui     
75c     69     Eared Dove    Zenaida auriculata     

2001.01   24.03.2001   Brown and San Martin bases      
Great Skua Stercorarius skua Imperial Shag Leucocarbo atriceps
75c     66     Great Skua    Stercorarius skua     
75c     32     Imperial Shag    Leucocarbo atriceps     

2001.02   14.07.2001   Environmental protection      
Kelp Gull Larus dominicanus
75c     65     Kelp Gull    Larus dominicanus     

2002.01   13.04.2002   Islas Malvinas      
Two-banded Plover Charadrius falklandicus Dolphin Gull Leucophaeus scoresbii Ruddy-headed Goose Chloephaga rubidiceps King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus
50c     57     Two-banded Plover    Charadrius falklandicus     
50c     65     Dolphin Gull    Leucophaeus scoresbii     
75c     9     Ruddy-headed Goose    Chloephaga rubidiceps     
75c     16     King Penguin    Aptenodytes patagonicus     

2003.01   22.03.2003   National parks (Benitez, Alisos, Monte Leon)   5v set   
Squirrel Cuckoo Piaya cayana Puna Tinamou Tinamotis pentlandii Magellanic Penguin Spheniscus magellanicus
50c     72     Squirrel Cuckoo    Piaya cayana     
75c     6     Puna Tinamou    Tinamotis pentlandii     
75c     16     Magellanic Penguin    Spheniscus magellanicus     

2003.02   11.10.2003   Upaep   2v set   
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
75c     34     Andean Condor    Vultur gryphus     

2003.03   18.10.2003   ARA Uruguay rescue of Swedish expedition      
Magellanic Penguin Spheniscus magellanicus
75c     16     Magellanic Penguin    Spheniscus magellanicus     

2007.01   21.04.2007   Antarctic fauna   8v sheet   

Antarctic Shag Leucocarbo bransfieldensis Antarctic Tern Sterna vittata Antarctic Tern Sterna vittata Adelie Penguin Pygoscelis adeliae Snowy Sheathbill Chionis albus Gentoo Penguin Pygoscelis papua Gentoo Penguin Pygoscelis papua
75c     32     Antarctic Shag    Leucocarbo bransfieldensis     
75c     65     Antarctic Tern    Sterna vittata     
and     20     Cape Petrel    Daption capense     
75c     65     Antarctic Tern    Sterna vittata     
and     20     Cape Petrel    Daption capense     
75c     16     Adelie Penguin    Pygoscelis adeliae     
75c     51     Snowy Sheathbill    Chionis albus     
75c     16     Gentoo Penguin    Pygoscelis papua     
75c     16     Gentoo Penguin    Pygoscelis papua     

2008.01   26.04.2008   Mercosur      
Long-tailed Meadowlark Sturnella loyca Saffron-cowled Blackbird Xanthopsar flavus
1p     235     Long-tailed Meadowlark    Sturnella loyca     
4p     235     Saffron-cowled Blackbird    Xanthopsar flavus     

2009.01   18.04.2009   Endangered fauna   2v set   
Chaco Eagle Buteogallus coronatus
1p     37     Chaco Eagle    Buteogallus coronatus     

2011.01   16.04.2011   Antarctic treaty   2v sheet   
Gentoo Penguin Pygoscelis papua
8p     16     Gentoo Penguin    Pygoscelis papua     

2011.02   23.07.2011   Satellite SAC-D      
Adelie Penguin Pygoscelis adeliae
2.50p     16     Adelie Penguin    Pygoscelis adeliae     

2012.01   28.04.2012   Conicet      
Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle Geranoaetus melanoleucus
2.50p     37     Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle    Geranoaetus melanoleucus     
and     69     Victoria Crowned Pigeon    Goura victoria     
and     84     Resplendent Quetzal    Pharomachrus mocinno     
and     167     Raggiana Bird-of-paradise    Paradisaea raggiana     
and     225     Long-tailed Widowbird    Euplectes progne     

2013.01   12.10.2013   Union Africana      
Common Ostrich Struthio camelus
4p     1     Common Ostrich    Struthio camelus     

2013.02   19.10.2013   Birds      
Hooded Grebe Podiceps gallardoi Yellow Cardinal Gubernatrix cristata Rufous Hornero Furnarius rufus Magellanic Woodpecker Campephilus magellanicus
4p     21     Hooded Grebe    Podiceps gallardoi     
4p     237     Yellow Cardinal    Gubernatrix cristata     
4p     113     Rufous Hornero    Furnarius rufus     
4p     104     Magellanic Woodpecker    Campephilus magellanicus     

2014.01   25.03.2014   RAPAL   2v sheet   
Chinstrap Penguin Pygoscelis antarcticus
6p     16     Chinstrap Penguin    Pygoscelis antarcticus     

2014.02   14.04.2014   Iguazu   4v sheet   
Toco Toucan Ramphastos toco
10p     100     Toco Toucan    Ramphastos toco     

2014.03   11.08.2014   PHILAKOREA 2014   2v sheet   
Eurasian Magpie Pica pica
15p     163     Eurasian Magpie    Pica pica     

2015.01   21.09.2015   Toucans   Sheet   
Green-billed Toucan Ramphastos dicolorus Toco Toucan Ramphastos toco Saffron Toucanet Pteroglossus bailloni Spot-billed Toucanet Selenidera maculirostris
7p     100     Green-billed Toucan    Ramphastos dicolorus     
7p     100     Toco Toucan    Ramphastos toco     
7p     100     Saffron Toucanet    Pteroglossus bailloni     
7p     100     Spot-billed Toucanet    Selenidera maculirostris     

2016.01   19.09.2016   Aves Argentinas   Sheet   
Blue-tufted Starthroat Heliomaster furcifer Gilded Sapphire Hylocharis chrysura Red-tailed Comet Sappho sparganurus Glittering-bellied Emerald Chlorostilbon lucidus
11p     82     Blue-tufted Starthroat    Heliomaster furcifer     
11p     82     Gilded Sapphire    Hylocharis chrysura     
11p     82     Red-tailed Comet    Sappho sparganurus     
11p     82     Glittering-bellied Emerald    Chlorostilbon lucidus     

Argentina map

Location: Southern South America
Population: 37 million
Climate: mostly temperate; arid in southeast; subantarctic in southwest
Terrain: rich plains of the Pampas in northern half, flat to rolling plateau of Patagonia in south, rugged Andes along western border

Birds: 988 species. 16 endemic species.

Correo Argentino postal administration website
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Baritu national park - web search -  image search -  map search
Lihue Calel national park - web search -  image search -  map search
Lanin national park - web search -  image search -  map search
Laguna de los Pozuelos
Laguna de los Pozuelos - image search
Diamante - web search -  image search -  map search
Quebrada de los Condores - web search -  image search -  map search
Campo de los Alisos - web search -  image search -  map search

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