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On collecting

My way

I store my stamps by country, and I use the Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) Vario stock system. This works fine for me. Arranging and mounting my stamps by species requires too much work for me with the scope of my collection. But my interest is in the birds. Therefore I would like to see my birds on stamps presented by species in zoologically systematic order. I do, however, find arranging and re-arranging my birds in my database a good substitute.

Getting information

Beeing a member of a birdstamp society is a must if you want to stay informed on all aspects of bird stamp collecting.
The Bird Stamp Society
International society. The magazine "Flight" is sent to members quarterly.

New issues

These are my main sources for information about new bird stamp issues
     New issues service from stamp dealer
     Journals from APS and the BSS
     Gibbons Stamp Monthly
     Michel Rundschau
     Yvert & Tellier Catalogue Supplement
and many websites on the Internet.